Trump Woke Up At Dawn, Got Online & Entered A Level 1 ‘FAKE NEWS!’ Twitter Meltdown


Perhaps no one told Trump what was happening back home while he was on his first trip overseas as president. Maybe he’s just finding out that his son-in-law is under investigation and that members of his campaign have been confirmed to have numerous contacts with Russian operatives. After a long week of devastating news for the Trump administration, the president is finally on one of his signature Twitter rants, and he seems angry and confused.

Unnamed sources have often been used for information in reporting that is extremely sensitive and sometimes dangerous. An unnamed source nicknamed “Deep Throat” is how Nixon was brought down, and his true identity wasn’t revealed until the time of his death.

Several Russians are dead now that news of Russia’s attempts to influence elections across the world have been made public. Is it any wonder sources wish to remain anonymous?

Since turnabout is fair play, perhaps Trump needs a reminder about his “extremely credible (and unnamed) source” who told him that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate was fake. Perhaps Trump uses “unnamed sources” when he knows for sure he’s lying.

Legitimate news outlets like The Washington Post and The New York Times, however, actually vet their sources. They clearly have Trump running scared.

Featured image via Getty/Sean Gallup