Trump’s Deplorable Sunday Plans Leaked To U.S. Media; Outrage Spreads Instantly


The question of whether or not Donald Trump is even remotely fit for the presidency is long not a question anymore, with him having openly admitted earlier this year that the presidency “isn’t what he expected.”

Additionally, it seems like every time you turn on the news there’s some breaking story that paints Trump as utterly incompetent and boorish.

By now, we’re all quite used to this sort of thing, but one of the first things that President Trump did upon returning to the United States from his recent inaugural overseas tour was, you guessed it, make plans to hit the golf course.

On Sunday afternoon, the presidential motorcade got all loaded up and ready to go, although the destination of where it was actually going to go was, apparently, provided off-record. Nevertheless, through, presumably, a combination of anonymous tips and filling in the blanks, it was clear that the Trump National Golf Club is where the presidential motorcade was headed.

However, rain got in the way of the president’s plans, and according to a screenshot of the press pool report posted on Twitter by the Washington Post’s David Farenthold, reporters were notified that the trip was cancelled as they waited to leave.

The White House has long been notoriously coy about the president’s golf addiction, with the president’s team going back and forth from refusing to state where the president was going to claiming in what’s turned out to be many wrong instances that the president was going to have “meetings” at one of his golf clubs when he, in fact, wasn’t.

The Senior PGA Championship is currently underway at the Trump National Golf Club, which is located just outside of Washington, D.C. It’s not clear whether Trump intended to watch the tournament or shoot a few balls of his own.

Ironically, one of the top players in this year’s Senior PGA Championship is Bernhard Langer, who is the individual whose personal anecdote was cited at one point by President Trump as defense for his claims that millions of people voted illegally in 2016.

Should Trump have actually gone out to the golf club, he would have been greeted by a number of protesters, including some in kayaks.

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Featured Image via THIERRY CHARLIER/ AFP/ Getty Images