Political Humor: Trump’s Inner Child Takes A Trip (VIDEOS)


Why does Donald Trump act like a spoiled five-year-old? After all, he’s 70! It’s a mystery, but I think I have discovered the secret of the mummy’s, I mean, the Donald’s tomb.

See, no one ever told me you only get old on the outside. If only I had known that all of those people with their belts hugging their armpits and lipstick a little north of right were 20-somethings in disguise. Then, that would go a long way toward explaining why old Donald Trump appears to be perpetually stuck in kindergarten.

At Donald’s NATO meeting with our allies, he certainly acted like the little bully that has lived in every school classroom. He shoved Montenegro’s Dusko Markovic who wasn’t doing anything at all out of the way, purely because he wanted to be at the front of the line.

He gave a selfish, peevish speech to the others, when he spoke to the NATO members, and get this! He told the others that he wanted a percentage of their lunch money, or he was going to take his fighter pilots and go home.

At first, our friends were a bit shocked that he would be so rude. They did their best to not laugh, but you could tell they all were having trouble swallowing the giggles.

Clearly, the Donald does not like to be told what to do. He doesn’t say “No!” like a little two-year-old. He just gets that look in his eye, all too common in five-year-olds, when you know that there is a meltdown coming. What are we going to do about the kid in the White House calling others names. Baby! Bad! and Loser! are among his favorites.

A lot of human beings tend to slow down their feet and their cars as they age. That is why we saw the US president at the G7 in Sicily, following behind all the more energetic leaders, forced by age to ride alone in a golf cart.

The other leaders didn’t seem to mind in the least, though. The thin-skinned U.S. president had more fun playing errand boy to the mean boys, anyway: Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Philippine President Rodriquez Duterte, and King Salman in Saudi Arabia.

What Donald’s trip to the Middle East, Belgium, and Italy showed us most of all was what happens when regardless of our emotional age, we let our physical minds slow to the pace of chilled hot-and-sour soup.

Featured Image: Getty Images/Sean Gallup.