Trump Attempts To Honor Vets In Memorial Day Speech, Fails Miserably (VIDEO)


The draft-dodging president gave a speech on Memorial Day in an attempt to honor the same veterans he criticized and demeaned during his presidential run. He left out quite a bit of his feelings on vets and the military that he so disgustingly displayed during his run for the presidency, to absolutely no one’s surprise.

Trump made sure to note the Gold Star families present during his speech while ignoring the fact that he criticized one of those same families in a revolting way after the Democratic National Convention. Trump not only insinuated that the father of a fallen soldier who criticized him in a speech was probably also an abuser, he compared his own business success to the sacrifices that family made while their Muslim son gave his life for our country.

The president also made no mention of how he “likes people who weren’t captured” as he spoke about war veterans, someĀ of whom have also been prisoners of war.

While Trump loves to appeal to his right-wing voters by pretending to be supportive of veterans and his intention to honor their sacrifices, and while he made some very bold promises during his campaign about all the work he would do for them, he also mentioned nothing about his attempts to cut funding for their healthcare, food stamp programs that many veterans are forced to rely on to eat and feed their families, as well as benefits for disabled veterans.

He did, however, avoid mentioning how “bigly” he won the 2016 election and how unfair the media has been to him. So, there is that.

For the full speech, see video below:

Featured image via Getty/Pool