Trump Caught On Camera Flipping Middle Finger To World Leader; Internet Erupts


For as long as there have been rude gestures throughout the history of time, children seeking some form of rebellion have done their best to use them while still disguising the usage to stay out of trouble. The same applies to the orange commander-in-chief of the United States.

In a video tweeted by @Politics_PR, it’s been revealed that the man representing the United States flipped off the Italian Prime Minister.

‘The Orange Idiot giving the finger to other heads of state like a 4 year old child. #TheResistance’

Okay, sure, one could say he’s scratching the side of his head. However, how many times as children have we pretended to scratch the sides of our head while secretly flipping someone off? See the satisfied smile afterwards? Anyone with any common sense knows to utilize their index finger for things that involve one finger. It doesn’t even feel natural to scratch the side of your face with your middle finger. Go ahead. Try it.

Twitter users responded likewise.

‘That little thing is a finger?’

‘he is such an idiot…like elephant size. apologies to all of the elephants’

‘He has no class. Like a child. Embarrassing a*shole. Can’t wait till we have a respectable White House again’

‘What a total buffoon. A childish simpleton and a buffoon. #BenedictDonald’

‘That was so totally intentional! Pathetic!’

‘I’m afraid we may be witnessing the biggest mistake of our time…’

‘More passive-aggressiveness-Trump didn’t wear translation earpiece while listening to a G7 speech in ITALIAN.’

‘I saw him do this at another event as well. I believe it was for Black History Month and someone was speaking about Obama’s accomplishments.’

‘His body language is so obvious’

‘WTF have we become? To all 45 supporters, you should be ashamed and disgusted with yourself’

Featured Image by Sean Gallup/Getty Images.