Trump Caught On Camera Singing & Dancing During Memorial Day Ceremony (VIDEO)


Donald Trump would love for people to believe that the media’s so called “fake news” and Democrats being mad because Hillary Clinton lost the election, are the two main reasons he looks bad in the news. However, an abundance of people would argue that Donald Trump is wrong; he looks bad in the press because he regularly presents himself like a clown.

Often allowing himself to be reduced to behaving like an ill-mannered, immature, uncouth school boy, Trump routinely speaks and acts like a lay person accountable to no one, not the person the Electoral College selected to run the United States. Moreover, usually adding insult to injury is that instead of owning his mistakes and subsequently atoning for them, Donald Trump would rather pretend he does nothing wrong. This was most recently evidenced by his tweet claiming that his trip abroad was a “great success” despite a plethora of nightmarish events having taken place.

So on Monday, the day set aside to honor service members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms and rights Americans are supposed to be able to enjoy (despite the Trump administration’s efforts to take many of those things away), the hope was that Donald Trump would act like a grown-up for once. Sadly, true to his usual, Donald Trump fell quite short of hopes.

Bouncing back and forth like a child unable to control his body and grinning like the Cheshire Cat, Donald Trump looked totally out of place at Arlington National Cemetery. However, the salt to the wound Trump inflicted by grinning and bopping around while others were saluting the flag at the Tomb Of the Unknown Soldier, was Donald Trump clearly not knowing the words to The National Anthem, therefore mumbling, smiling, bouncing, and looking around at others.

Fortunately, in this age of advance technology and live streaming, Trump was immediately called out for his tomfoolery. Twitter users shamed Trump with no filter:

Because so many people are livid by how Trump seems to be evading justice where his collusion with members of the Russian government are concerned, naturally, someone had to interject their thoughts on that matter:

Finally, whenever Twitter destroys Donald Trump, there is always one tweet that makes you laugh a little harder or causes you to think, “That’s so true.” This time, that award goes to the post below, for if you notice, the manner in which Trump bops around and grins is truly like that of a child at his/her birth date party:

Watch Donald Trump once again embarrass America by mumbling through The Star Spangled Banner, below:

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.