Trump Tweets Memorial Day Message At North Korea Like A 4th Grader In Time Out


Stories swirled through the media that Trump might be taking a break from tweeting to his supporters after returning from his first overseas trip as president. Clearly, he was not open to the intervention by his staffers who pleaded with him to stop using social media due to the legal and political ramifications that his rambling tweets could bring.

Instead, Trump has so far spent his first two days back in the United States playing on his phone and tweeting nonsense. Even foreign policy and complicated relations between countries like North Korea and China can be boiled down to 140 character news bites in the mind of a simpleton like Trump.

Trump has been forced to admit before that he doesn’t have a strong understanding of the history of the relationship between China and North Korea, and the very complicated ties between the two nations are more than he is able to grasp with any real comprehension.

After his first meeting with China’s President Xi, Trump told an interviewer for the Wall Street Journal:

‘After listening for 10 minutes, I realized it’s not so easy. I felt pretty strongly that they had a tremendous power North Korea. … But it’s not what you would think.’

Trump found out after trying to leverage trade deals with China in exchange for their flexing muscle over North Korea that money doesn’t fix everything. Foreign relations are, surprisingly the new and wholly unqualified president, a bit more complicated than that.

Perhaps if Trump paid attention during national security briefings and stopped trying to boil these very intricate matters into tiny little Twitter bits, he might actually learn something.

Or perhaps, he really just wants to bring on a war.

Featured image via Getty/Sean Gallup