BREAKING: CNN Stuns America With Tuesday Trump Blackmail Bombshell Report


For some time now, a dossier by British spy Christopher Steele has been public and much-discussed. In that dossier, although some pieces are still unconfirmed, information on Russian operatives and their potential blackmail of Donald Trump that could prove embarrassing came to light.

On Tuesday morning, the plot thickened considerably. CNN reports that communications between Russian officials were intercepted and feature conversations about the “derogatory” information that Russia holds over Trump and his campaign aides’ heads, which they feel can be used as leverage to manipulate U.S./Russia relations.

‘One source described the information as financial in nature and said the discussion centered on whether the Russians had leverage over Trump’s inner circle. The source said the intercepted communications suggested to US intelligence that Russians believed “they had the ability to influence the administration through the derogatory information.’

While sources agree that the claims may be “exaggerated,” the information makes a few concerning details much more clear. First, there is little denying now that Russian operatives at least discussed and planned to interfere in the 2016 presidential elections. Second, the possibility exists that Trump and his administration are being controlled by the damning information that Russian officials hold over their heads.

Third, it confirms that another piece of Steele’s dossier, damning in its entirety, is based on factual information.

Although previous reporting of the intercepted communications specifically mentioned former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who resigned in disgrace shortly after being sworn into his appointed position, the communications masked the names of other Trump aides being discussed.

‘None of the sources would say which specific Trump aides were discussed. One of the officials said the intelligence report masked the American names but it was clear the conversations revolved around the Trump campaign team. Another source would not give more specifics, citing the classified nature of the information.’

Trump’s continued insistence, even one made on Twitter just a few short moments before this particular report was released, that the Trump/Russia collusion story is nothing more than a made-up story by Democrats bitter over losing the 2016 presidential election never really held water. Now, however, that claim has become even more laughable.

Featured image via Getty/Sean Gallup