Mike Pence Caught In Widespread Private Email Scandal; Administration Enters Free-Fall


Donald Trump and Mike Pence are the worst kinds of hypocrites; their brand of hypocrisy comes at the expense of American citizens. In the case of Mike Pence, he rode Donald Trump’s coattails throughout Election 2016 as Trump hyped his supporters into believing he was going to have Hillary Clinton jailed because of emails.

Now, the shoe is moving to the other foot. The reality that Donald Trump could very well face criminal charges and/or impeachment because of his own wrongdoing, has many people eyeing Mike Pence as commander-in-chief on deck. However, what many may not know is that Mike Pence now has an email situation of his own.

Specifically, Pence has blatantly ignored more than two dozen records requests that he provide emails, email passwords, etc. For some reason, as if he has something to hide, Pence simply won’t provide the needed data.

It appears that there are a total of over 50 requests with Holcomb’s office, some of them are more than 10 months old. The inquiries have created a backlog that has never been seen before. Sources say one of the reasons for the delays is the added attention the governor’s office received once Pence was selected as Donald Trump’s running mate, but the biggest cause of the delay is Pence’s refusal to provide emails from private accounts he used to conduct official business.

Another shady point to note:  The emails Pence has given were in paper form, thus making them cumbersome to look for when public records requests are submitted.

Apparently, the requests aren’t superficial in nature. Among other things, people want to know more about Pence’s Indiana version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Actthe controversial law that allows businesses to in essence discriminate and cite religion as the reason why.

Additionally, those who have submitted records requests want to know more about the mass HIV outbreak in the southern part of the state. Many say Pence’s lack of support for Planned Parenthood and other preventive programs are the reason for the wide-spread infection of residents.

Pence’s emails are especially significant because he used his personal AOL account to conduct government business, at times communicating regarding confidential matters. This careless use of email was at the height of Pence joining Donald Trump and other members of the GOP as they bashed Hillary Clinton, which concerned many cyber-security experts.

Adding insult to injury, the email account Pence used to communicate regarding sensitive information, was hacked last year.

Perhaps not so coincidentally, Pence’s lawyers turned over 13 boxes of emails the day news of Pence using his personal email, broke. At the time, Pence staffer, Marc Lotter claimed that additional emails from Pence’s AOL server would be submitted. To date, that hasn’t happened.

Attorneys for Pence turned over 13 boxes of emails to the state on the same day the Star’s story broke. His spokesman, Marc Lotter, said at the time additional emails from Pence’s AOL account would also be provided to the state pending a legal review by Pence’s attorneys, but so far none have been.

Per Indiana law, public agencies are supposed to fulfill or reject records requests within “reasonable time,” but because no specific time is given and many argue that Mike Pence isn’t reasonable, it’s unclear as to when he will provide the information that’s being sought.

Featured Image via Getty/Chip Somodevilla/Staff