Sean Spicer Just Said The Dumbest Thing About Germany & The Entire World Is Laughing


If you’ve paid attention to the news lately and since President Donald Trump took office, one thing has been clear: the relationship between Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a strained one. That’s become more evident than ever following the G7 Summit.

However, Press Secretary Sean Spicer didn’t seem to get the memo. That or he’s kept his head in the sand like a freaked out ostrich that can’t handle the stress of the job anymore.

During Tuesday’s press briefing, Spicy was back at the podium regaling the press with how awesome Trump’s international trip went. When asked about the relationship the US had with Germany, Spicer answered:

‘I think the relationship that the president has had with Merkel, he would describe as unbelievable. They get along fairly well. He has a lot of respect for her. They continue to grow the bond they had during the talks at the G7.’

That would be a great answer if it were actually true or minutely believable, but it’s not.

Rewinding back to their very first meeting at the White House, Trump disrespected Merkel when he refused to shake her hand for a photo opportunity. He didn’t even bother faking it.

With their recent meeting at the G7 Summit, however, bygones could have been bygones. Except, they weren’t. CNN reported that Merkel gave a speech in which she admitted that European countries could no longer rely on the United States. Specifically, she remarked:

‘I experienced that in the last few days, and therefore I can only say that we Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands, of course in friendship with the United States and in friendship with Great Britain and as good neighbors wherever it is possible, also with Russia and also with all the other countries… But we need to know that we have to fight for our own future and destiny as Europeans.’

She’s basically saying they must abandon holding faith in the United States, but no, tell us more about how we get along fabulously with Germany, Spicy.

If that isn’t bad enough, Trump took to Twitter to complain about a “MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany.”

Before that tweet, Trump echoed the same sentiments when he spoke with EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker and told him the German people were “bad, very bad” because of the German auto market.

So, in what world is Spicy operating? What about any of that indicates an “unbelievable” relationship in which two people actually get along?

Featured Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images.