Spicer Makes Huge W.H. Announcement – Issues Insane Briefing Rule Change


White House press secretary Sean Spicer announced on Wednesday that the Trump administration will no longer be accepting questions related to the ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with the Russian government.

Spicer informed press in an off-camera interview that further lines of questioning regarding the ongoing scandal would be fielded by an attorney in the employ of president Trump. The press secretary implied in his statement that the media circus surrounding the investigation was interfering with the day-to-day work of the Trump administration.

‘We are focused on the president’s agenda and going forward all questions on these matters will be referred to outside counsel, Marc Kasowitz.’

After a member of the press inquired as to which aspect of the investigation would be rerouted to Trump’s personal lawyer, Spicer replied, “all of it.”

The announcement comes only a day after Spicer’s first on-camera appearance, following the president’s first trip overseas as commander-in-chief. At the same briefing, Spicer fielded a question from a reporter who asked about Jared Kushner’s alleged plan to establish a secure channel with Russian government officials. Spicer dismissed the report, saying;

‘Your question assumes a lot of facts that are not substantiated by anything but anonymous sources that are being leaked out.’

Spicer continued, calling back channel communications “an appropriate part of diplomacy.”

The Trump administration has good reason to start doing some damage control. Two days ago, during an appearance on MSNBC, author and Navy analyst Naveed Jamali declared that he believes Jared Kushner to be “in fact a Russian agent.” When confronted with skeptical hosts, Jamali clarified his position, saying that the definition doesn’t necessarily refer to the sensationalized Hollywood idea of a spy, and could simply mean a regular citizen, convinced to put foreign interests over those of his home country.

‘In this case, I think, it could have been, perhaps, an innocent decision to try to make contact with them. And that’s how you start these things. The term “Russian agent” perhaps is not what people think of in the movies. When you have someone who fails to register as a foreign agent, for example, that is what I’m talking about. This could be someone who started a relationship that was frankly inappropriate, that skirted the law, and then it made a hard-left turn.’

Image via Getty/Mark Wilson