Mayor Of Pittsburgh Perfectly Calls Out Trump On Twitter – Donald Humiliated


The Mayor of Pittsburgh, PA, Bill Peduto (D), fired major shots at Donald Trump after Trump used the city’s name in the speech in which he declared that the U.S. will no longer participate in the Paris Agreement. Trump foolishly proclaimed:

‘I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.’


While Donald Trump likely thought his attempt to use alliteration added to the pizzaz of his speech, Mayor Peduto was not amused. In fact, Peduto in essence, told Trump, don’t speak for my city when he tweeted:

Peduto must have really been on fire and angry with Trump, because he didn’t stop with the tweet above. He also came out swinging after Sean Spicer posted the message below on behalf of Donald Trump:

Because Spicer’s tweet again proves that the Trump administration misspeaks on matters that are easily researched from virtually any mobile device, computer, or by even using to phone to call someone who knows, Peduto justifiably checked Spicer on the matter of whom the majority of Pittsburgh residents gave their support to in Election 2016:

As the Mayor of Pittsburgh, Peduto knows a thing or two about air pollution and the need to control it. The city is in Allegheny County, PA, an area notorious for its struggles with air pollution. In fact, the American Lung Association gave the county a failing grade in its most recent State of the Air, report.

People loved Peduto’s response to the Trump administration, and tweeted their support of the Mayor in bold fashion:

One of the best tweets came from the user below who reminded anyone who has forgotten (Donald Trump and Sean Spicer included), that the Paris Agreement is not about the French city alone, it’s about the world, America included:

 Yes, the Paris agreement does take the pollution, global warming, and general environmental concerns of the entire world, into consideration. With that in mind, Trump’s decision to exit means that he doesn’t care about Paris, Pittsburgh, or anywhere in between.

Featured Image via Getty/Bloomberg/Contributor