Psychotic Trump Fans Reveal Hidden Meaning To ‘Covfefe’ On Twitter (IMAGE)


Once again, President Donald Trump’s tweets have made the headlines with his nonsense Monday night infamous “covfefe” tweet, that had Twitter in a frenzy. To make matters even worse, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer declared that there was an actual meaning behind president’s nonsense, and was mocked big time for it.

Now, Some of Trump’s most loyal supporters actually think the orange man knew what he was talking about, convincing themselves that it means “I will stand up” in Arabic, only to make themselves look like complete and total fools. video producer Matt Binder posted to Twitter on Thursday:

‘the MAGA people have convinced themselves that their god emperor Trump was speaking Arabic when he tweeted “covfefe.”‘

Here’s where things get weird. Trump fans at Reddit’s /r/The_Donald made multiple posts stating that they believe the President’s tweet was actually conveying a message of unity to the Afghani government in the after math of this week’s terrorist attacks in Kabul.

One Trumpster said:

‘Cov fe’fe means “I’ll stand up” translated from Arabic! The President God Emperor is giving us hope in troubled times!’

While another one of his delusional supporters thought covfefe was a message meant for the “fake news” media that, “Despite the negative media, I will stand up. Cov fe’ve means “I will stand up” in Arabic. Trump never makes mistakes, you guys.”

Trump also never tweets in Arabic, either.

The madness went on and on with Trump’s minions. Check out some more of their idiotic responses below:

‘So he wanted the media and the leftist retards to think he screwed up. He let them go on and on, while we just had a blast with it. That Magnificent Mad Man.’

‘He’s redpilling them in their own language!’

Cassandra Fairbanks, who is an infamous Trump troll, also joined in, using the supposed meaning to troll Hillary, saying:

‘Cov fe’fe is “I will stand up” in Arabic. It was right after the bombing in Kabul. To quote a failed politician: “Delete your account.”‘

It turns out that every single one of were wrong about the true meaning of “covfefe.” In fact, it turns out that there is no actual meaning to the word at all, and that it was just an error copied from Google Translate.

Check out some of these hilarious responses about what people think the word “covfefe” means in the video below, courtesy of YouTube:

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