Tesla CEO Elon Musk Makes Major Trump Announcement After Paris Agreement


Donald Trump is displaying his usual ignorant arrogance with regard to the United States’ lack of further participation in the Paris agreement. As part of his haughtiness, he remains totally oblivious to the ongoing fallout his hasty decision will cause. The damage this announcement will have on foreign relations is likely irreparable. However, more important than politics is Trump’s utter disregard for the Earth.

A number of powerful people worldwide have vowed to hold Trump’s feet to the flames about the Paris Agreement, with the first wave of influential people to openly object to Trump’s decision already surfacing. Among those people is Tesla and Space X CEO, Elon Musk.

As one would reasonably expect, the CEO of a company that has taken electric cars to new levels is a staunch advocate for the environment, programs that combat global warming and preserving natural resources. However, despite Donald Trump’s obvious anti-Earth stance, Musk agreed to be part of Trump’s Strategic Policy Forum. Musk was also willing to serve as an adviser to Trump’s manufacturing jobs initiative. Apart from the Trump committee work Musk engaged in, he met with him to discuss spending in relation to infrastructure.

As of Thursday, Musk no longer has anything to do with supporting Trump in an advisory capacity. Musk tweeted:

Yes, climate change is real, but everyone except Donald Trump and his allies seem to accept and acknowledge that reality.

Thursday’s tweet isn’t the first time Musk has taken to Twitter to express his feelings regarding America’s role in the Paris Agreement. Sounding a bit daunted, Musk tweeted on Wednesday that he felt as if he has done all that he can to inform Trump about the importance of the agreement:

Showing further disappointment, Musk posted another message after his announcement about resigning from Trump’s councils. While very tactful in his delivery, Musk highlighted China’s commitment to the planet in the midst of Trump’s abandonment of Earth and subsequent lack of concern for what’s left behind for future generations.

Musk isn’t alone in his disappointment. General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt boldly stated that those in industries that have the power to affect change on their own must step up in the midst of the current government’s disregard for this crucial issue:

With that simple-but-powerful tweet, Americans and people worldwide are further reminded that gone are the days of the commander-in-chief leading from the front — or by example.

Featured Image via Getty/Win McNamee/Staff