The Weather Channel Just Took Down Trump For His Naive Paris Accord Decision


On Thursday afternoon, President Trump officially confirmed the rumors that the United States is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord in a Rose Garden press conference, and the Weather Channel was one of the many voices to immediately rise up in protest.

The Weather Channel put a link to watch Trump’s Rose Garden remarks live up on its website, the aptly named, and below the live-stream link was and remains as of about an hour after the original announcement a series of articles that stand to serve as direct rebuttals to Trump’s decision.

The article titles, when read one after the other, relate a blunt sentiment. The first article is titled, “So, What Happens To Earth Now?” while the second is called on the front page, “Still Don’t Care? Proof You Should.” The remaining articles in the list are called things like “…and More Proof…”

In another universe, one in which Trump’s ridiculous decision didn’t threaten the very stability of the planet that we all call home, this might be funny.

Check out a screenshot of The Weather Channel’s website from late Thursday afternoon below.

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The articles that The Weather Channel has tagged with these clever titles tell the stories of various points across the world that are seeing big changes as the climate continues to change under the weight of rising global temperatures.

Under the Paris Climate Accord, the United States pledged, alongside basically every other country in the entire world — minus two — to cut back on carbon dioxide emissions in view of the goal of keeping global temperatures from rising beyond the point of no return.

In the interest of big business, Trump has now announced that the United States will no longer pledge to cut carbon dioxide emissions as we’d pledged to before.

As cited by the first of the Weather Channel’s backhandedly confrontational articles, scientists have estimated that the United States going back on our previous commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions could put some 3 billion tons of additional carbon dioxide in the atmosphere a year.

Interestingly, John Schellnhuber, director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, has actually expressed confidence that the world will move towards saving the planet with or without Trump.

Only time will tell if he’s right.

Featured Image via Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images