Conway Humiliates Herself On GMA – W.H. Scampers To Silence Comey (VIDEO)


Kellyanne Conway has been steadfast in her unwavering support of President Trump since day one. Conway has many times claimed that her and the president are super close, and that she supports every decision he makes.

That was proven to be true after her appearence on ABC’s Good Morning America. The White House adviser severely criticized former FBI director James Comey previous to his upcoming Senate testimony, claiming that the morale at the agency he oversaw plummeted while he was in charge.

Conway went on a rant after being asked by the host, George Stephanopoulos , if the president planned to invoke executive privilage in order to prevent Comey from speaking. Conway said that they would “be watching him.” She then continued on to attack Comey from getting the number of emails on Hima Abedin’s laptop incorrect during pervious testimony.

Conway didn’t stop there though, she continued her rant, attacking Comey on a personal level. Citing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, conway said that the assistant Attorney General “concluded that it really hurt the morale and integrity at the department,” in the way that he handled the investigation into Hilary Clinton’s emails. She went on to say, “He also talked about how Mr. Comey usurped the authority of the Justice Department.

The ABC host pointed out something really obvious, the fact that the president had decided to fire Comey previous to even getting the memo. Conway of course had a response for that, saying that Comey had previously said that it was within the rights of the president to fire an FBI director at his discretion.

Clearly Conway will stop at nothing to defend the actions of her precious President Trump, even if it means looking like an idiot on television.

You can see the video below:

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