GOP Governors Start Strong Alliance To Fight Trump’s Paris Accord Withdrawal


Following President Trump’s announcement that his administration intends to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, the beloved former President Obama issued a statement saying that he was confident that everyone else in America besides Trump would be able to pick up the slack.

With the Friday announcement from the Republican Governor of Massachusetts that he would be joining the U.S. Climate Alliance, Obama was proven right, yet again.

Massachusetts Republican Governor¬†Charlie Baker’s statement on the matter reads, in part:

‘After speaking with Governors [Andrew] Cuomo and [Phil] Scott, our administration looks forward to continued, bipartisan collaboration with other states to protect the environment, grow the economy, and deliver a brighter future to the next generation.’

Check out the statement below.

The group that Baker is joining was formed by the (all Democratic) governors of New York, California, and Washington shortly after President Trump made it official that his administration plans to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord in search of a fountain of youth-esque “better deal.”

The Paris Accord dictates that signatory countries work together to bring down carbon emissions in order to keep global temperatures from rising 2 degrees Celsius above pre-Industrial Revolution levels. Trump says that trying to keep the planet from warming beyond the point of no return should be prioritized equally with trying to maximize American corporate profits.

There is nothing that these people are unwilling to sacrifice at the altar of corporatism.

Nonetheless, plenty of Americans are ready to stand up and stand with the rest of the world in the effort to stop climate change.

According to a statement from Vermont Governor Phil Scott, he and Gov. Baker have actually been cooperating on climate change issues for some time. He says that he and Baker sent a letter to President Trump in May urging him to stay in the Paris Accord.

Gov. Scott added:

‘Growing our economy and protecting our environment by supporting cleaner and more affordable energy and transportation choices can go together. If our national government isn’t willing to lead in this area, the states are prepared to step up.’

Besides Vermont and Massachusetts, Connecticut has apparently also joined the U.S. Climate Alliance.

The states which are party to the alliance have pledged to maintain commitment to the standards of the Paris Climate Accord no matter what.

Featured Image via Win McNamee/Getty Images