Legislator Threatens Female Colleague By Reminding Her He’s Armed Before Vote


Although Kansas’ latest move in preventing gun violence is a victory for supporters of common sense gun restrictions and those fighting the epidemic that is gun violence in America, it also revealed the nasty side of one conservative legislator. Of course, he’ll claim he was just joking; however, when does joking go too far?

The Kansas state legislature actually successfully passed a bill that is sure to anger the National Rifle Association and Second Amendment fanatics statewide. The New York Times reported:

‘Kansas legislators approved a bill Thursday to keep concealed guns out of public hospitals and mental health centers, and handed the National Rifle Association and its state allies their first big political defeat in years.’

The bill is now headed towards Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, a conservative.

However, during the House vote, one representative crossed the line when he reminded his female colleague that apparently several representatives had concealed weapons on them. He tweeted:

‘@SSCJoCoKs Nothing to be scared of, there’s at least 25 guns on the floor of the House right now #StickersMakeYouSafe’

His colleague, Representative Stephanie Clayton tweeted a screenshot of his tweet saying:

‘This is happening to me at work: #ksleg’

Part of the debate surrounding the bill included the requirement of stickers to inform people an area was designated as a gun-free zone.

State Senator Laura Kelly responded to the tweet saying:

‘If you had received this from an everyday citizen, the Capitol police would be all over it. Your leadership needs to sanction him. #ksleg’

Sen. Kelly is right, too. Look at the outcry that has surrounded the Kathy Griffin image. It was tasteless, which surprisingly everyone mostly agrees on. It promoted violence and the death of a public official. Whitmer’s tweet, albeit less graphic, does the same thing in a veiled, subtle manner. However, you won’t hear an outcry from his conservative buddies. The only good thing about this is the fact a law that promotes actual commonsense gun restrictions passed.

Featured image via Facebook.