NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Signs Major Executive Order – Trump’s Weekend Ruined


Being attentive and responding thoughtfully to matters of climate change, the responsible use of natural resources, air pollution, and other issues that impact the Earth, is important. Lives literally depend on it and those who have committed to the Paris Agreement get that.

In the days since Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement and in essence said that he either doesn’t get it or doesn’t care, the backlash he has faced has been strong. Entertainers, business people, and politicians alike have pledged resources, money, and time to do what Donald Trump won’t on America’s and the world’s behalf.

To that end, Donald Trump’s hometown is now the latest to prove that not all of America is playing Trump supporters’ game of follow the so-called leader. In an unapologetic tweet, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) stood up to Donald Trump:

How will New York City “honor the goals of the Paris Agreement?” Big time! The mayor put his pen where his tweets are and on Friday, signed an “executive order maintaining New York City’s commitment to the Paris Agreement.”

Moreover, de Blasio didn’t stop with his tweet above or his vow to make the city’s allegiance to the Paris Agreement official. He also further blasted Donald Trump by tweeting:

As has been the case with other state and local politicians who have committed their areas to the Paris Agreement, Twitter responses to de Blasio were overwhelmingly favorable:

They say attitude reflects leadership; well apparently Donald Trump isn’t a leader, because a plethora of people are definitely not following him.

Featured Image via Getty/Drew Angerer/Staff