Paul Ryan Makes An Idiot Of Himself On Twitter & America Struck Back Hard


GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has long proved himself to be at least as concerned with advancing his political career as he is with protecting the interests of the average American.

Thus, he found it nothing to laud President Trump on account of supposedly making strides in the fight against ISIS, but Twitter quickly reminded Speaker Ryan that he has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about and the President is a clueless, volatile fool.

In a video posted to his official Twitter account on Friday, Speaker Ryan said:

‘Let’s fight them over there instead of here, and that’s why we need to have a comprehensive strategy to go on offense against ISIS, and I think the president is doing a great job of getting our Sunni Arab allies in the Gulf to help us do just that.’

Check out the video below.

ISIS is surely a pressing issue, with the most recent high profile incident in the West involving the group consisting of a suicide bombing at a British concert that took the lives of 22 people.

Even still, Trump has long infamously shown himself to have absolutely no idea what he’s doing when it comes to fighting ISIS. During the campaign season, Trump claimed to have some kind of “secret plan” to defeat the Islamic State, concurrently asserting that he knows more about the relevant issues than the Generals.

However, as a Foreign Policy exposition explains, the only apparent strategy against ISIS on the Trump administration’s part is pretty much the exact same thing that the Obama administration did. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Trump has contributed nothing of any substance to the discussion. In fact, he’s taken steps to distance himself from having any responsibility for U.S. military operations.

Nevertheless, Trump and his shills continue to play pretend like Trump has any sort of concrete, meaningful presence on the world stage.

Check out an array of Twitter comments reminding Ryan and all who would listen of just how clueless Trump really is below.

Featured Image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images