Ivanka Trump Tweets Phony Message To Women & America Immediately Rips Her Apart


Arguably, the Trumps and everyone connected to them needs to stay off Twitter. With every post they make, they show how disconnected from the lay person’s reality they are, how privileged their lives are and have always been, and why they will likely never be able to understand the struggles of everyday Americans.

Moreover, even though Ivanka Trump uses her Instagram account to fancy herself as a hardworking wife, mother, and political heavy-hitter, the reality is that everyone knows that her household is beyond well-supported with the best help money can buy. Therefore, when Ivanka posted the tweet below, she was slammed without mercy:

Perhaps not as thoughtless as the time she compared herself to a slave, Ivanka’s post was extremely insensitive to the millions of women who will likely never know the level of help that is the norm in the Trump-Kushner household. With that in mind, people went full tilt on Ivanka in response to her Tweet:

Poking fun at her book entitled Women Who Work, one user pointed out how Ivanka has never truly worked in the ways that most women consider working:

Others simply continued to point out that Ivanka really should stay away from trying to make it seem as though she is able to relate to everyday women:

And whether one user meant “still here” as in on Twitter, working alongside her father, or alive in general, the tweet below sums up how many people feel about Ivanka and her entire family:

Yes, Ivanka is “still here.” Still pretending to be able to relate and still clueless as to how bad her ill-fated efforts are faring for her.

Featured Image via Getty/Sean Gallup/Staff