Chris Christie Goes On MSNBC & Acts Like A Total Robot For Trump (VIDEO)


Now there’s a new explanation for President Trump’s suspicious behavior in relation to James Comey’s FBI investigation. New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, has it all figured out.

He went on MSNBC today to defend Trump even though he was teased with a cabinet position that never materialized. For some reason, he seems to enjoy torturing himself. Once at a campaign rally, Trump even mocked Christie on stage by saying:

‘You’re not eating Oreos anymore. No more Oreos. For either of us, Chris. Don’t feel bad.

Christie’s basic reason for Trump trying to interfere with an FBI investigation was:

‘because Trump is a Washington “outsider” he doesn’t understand how federal agencies work and he was just having a “normal NYC conversation.”‘

Yes, that’s it! That is just what New Yorkers do and the American public should excuse it as such. It doesn’t get any lamer than that.

People took to Twitter to respond to his insanity:

All of the crooks have to stick together these days. Morgan Hill of The Washington Jourhnal says:

‘the mental gymnastics that Republicans will do to excuse the appalling behavior of President Trump is stunning to behold.’

Watch Chris Christie’s interview here:

Featured image via Getty/Joe Raedle