Countries All Over Europe Are Trolling Trump & We Have The Hilarious Videos


If all of the world is a stage, and all of the men and women merely players, can only mean that President Trump is taking his comedic role seriously. Donald Trump has managed to make himself a laughing stock yet again. The President certainly is no stranger to making himself look foolish. Perhaps his recent uneducated decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement is an example.

The Paris Climate Agreement, is another one of President Barack Obama’s accomplishments that the Trump administration set out to destroy. The agreement is a pledge to reduce fossil fuel pollution during this century in an effort not to raise global temperatures by two degrees. The U.S. pledged to reduce emissions 26% to 28% below 2005 levels by 2025.

President Trump has cast a negative light on the United States, among the world around us. The President has been taking long strides towards nationalism with his “America First” rhetoric. There is also the incredible scandal that surrounds the President and his administration’s suspicious involvement with Russia, including his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Not to mention his dismissing of FBI Director James Comey, who Trump urged to quell the investigation into former security advisor Mike Fynn.

With all these compounding factors, the President still continues to make very poor decisions that are not in line with any president in recent history. For example: President Obama’s first foreign trip was not to Middle Eastern countries in conflict to secure arms deals, but to our neighboring allied country Canada to secure peace. Donald Trump of course, pales in comparison to President Obama. Though President could have easily made the same choice, instead he has criticized and distanced us from our allies.

Trump’s ill advised decision last week to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement is ruffling quite a few feathers around the world, and countries in Northern Europe are letting their disdain be known with some hilarious trolling. In Denmark they have taken to trolling him on buses asking Americans abroad to vote, and in Finland they’ve chose to use public service announcements. All with the main focus that they are indeed disgusted with Trump’s treatment of Europe.


Featured Image: Getty/ Win McNamee