Marco Rubio Slobbers Over Ivanka Trump On Twitter & Gets Brutally Clowned


One of the many problems with white privilege is that people become so blinded by it, they don’t know when they sound like absolute idiots when theirs is on display. In fact, it’s in these cases that those showcasing their privilege actually think they’re doing something on behalf of those people, whomever those people may be at a given time (poor, Latino, Muslim, individuals from/descendants of the African diaspora, etc.).

This manner of ignorance has been the pattern that various people close to Donald Trump have shown since he first announced his run for President, but even more so since he was sworn in. Providing yet another example of the level of cluelessness that Trump and those closest to him have are his daughter Ivanka and her newest so-called work on behalf of the poor and Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) endorsement of it.

Rubio tweeted (and Ivanka re-tweeted):

One of the many problems with this post is the fact that many poor/struggling parents will tell you that while they wouldn’t trade having a child/children for anything in the world, they wish they would’ve waited until they were in a better place financially to start their families. Ergo, Rubio and Ivanka have missed the mark – “allowing” the economically insecure to have children isn’t the issue that needs addressing in America. The large number of economically insecure people in America is the issue.

Echoing that sentiment are Twitter users below who point out the hypocrisy of Rubio’s facade of having an “it takes a village” mentality, when he, via his support of Trump’s policies, has endorsed funding cuts to many villageoriented programs:

Others reminded Rubio that hecan’t front to be pro-village and anti-Affordable Care Act, Planned Parenthood, and other programs designed to help those struggling to make ends meet:

Some pointed out how clueless Ivanka is to issues that impact those with low socio-econonomic status:

Not one to mince words, one person said what many people were probably thinking after reading Rubio’s tweet:

However, the most telling replies were those that remind Americans not to be fooled by clever and disgusting distractions. Rubio had dinner with Donald Trump Tuesday night just hours before James Comey is scheduled to deliver testimony that many feel will be damning for Trump:

Clearly, Rubio isn’t as clever as he thinks.

Featured Image via Getty/Win McNamee/Staff