Qatar’s Leader Responds To Trump Diss With Third Degree Burn On The W.H.


Well it looks like Messiah Trump won’t be able to be so helpful after all. Earlier this week, it was announced that a number of countries had completely severed ties with Qatar over the monarchy’s alleged support of terror groups.

Trump made a show of trying to help, but the Qatari leader has now rebuffed him.

Qatar is a financial powerhouse of the Middle East, and they host the largest concentration of American troops in the Middle East on a base inside their borders. Trump, in apparent complete ignorance of this, initially sided with the Saudis and those other countries who had severed ties with Qatar.

In a tweetstorm, he claimed the severance as a victory of sorts on account of a recent speech that he gave in Saudi Arabia calling on the nations of the Middle East to do more to fight terrorism.

Of course, besides the fact that there are literally thousands of U.S. troops in Qatar, making it unwise for a president to insult the country, there is a lot more to the crisis currently engulfing the Middle East than the Westernized war on terror.

One of the acute sparks for the crisis is an apparent plant of fake news by Russian hackers on the website of the Qatari state run news agency. This literally fake news report attributed remarks to the nation’s ruler that were, apparently, friendly towards Israel, Iran, and hostile towards Donald Trump, which Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani never said.

This fake news report came as nations in relationships with Qatar in the Middle East already worried about the nation proving to be an ancillary for Iran. In addition, Qatar has been involved with promoting global terror — but so has Saudi Arabia. One of the members of the Qatari royal family literally helped one of the terrorists, who would eventually go on to help plan 9/11, get away from the FBI in the 1990s.

The present crisis has sparked, most notably, concerns of food shortages for the millions of inhabitants of Qatar, but the Qatari leadership is remaining resolute.

The nation’s Foreign Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani, commented:

‘We’re not worried about a food shortage, we’re fine. We can live forever like this, we are well prepared.’

In addition to not showing much care for those nations that have come out aggressively against them, the Qataris aren’t particularly interested in the half-hearted mediation efforts from the inept Trump Administration.

In a phone call earlier this week, President Trump “offered to help the parties resolve their differences, including through a meeting at the White House if necessary.”

To that, a Qatari official told Reuters:

‘The emir has no plans to leave Qatar while the country is under a blockade.’

Indeed, for now, the alliance with the United States remains seemingly intact, but Qatar insists that their allegiance with Islamist groups widely viewed as subversive won’t change any time soon and that President Trump can keep his inept “mediation.”

Turkey and Iran are prepared to help Qatar obtain food and other supplies to keep the nation going, which has been met with ridicule from the nations on the other side of this crisis, claiming that Qatar further partnering with these two nations that are already ostracized in the Middle East will only make the situation worse.

Featured Image via Eric Thayer/ Getty Images