Cops At Anti-Sharia March Reportedly Sided With Violent Alt-Righters (VIDEO)


On Saturday, the radically anti-Muslim group Act for America held a large number of “March Against Sharia” rallies across the country. One of the attendees of a counter-protest designed to confront the Seattle “March Against Sharia” now says that the Seattle Police Department was all but on the Islamophobes’ side.

Of course, Sharia and Islam as a whole really has nothing to do with the global terrorism crisis, but the people attending these rallies don’t get that. The Judeo-Christian Bible literally says to stone rebellious children, and yet there aren’t any “March Against Torah” rallies sweeping the country.

Anyway, an individual from the aforementioned Seattle counter-protest who served as a marshal says that Seattle police allowed far right demonstrators to physically harass members of the counter-protest with no repercussions.

The marshal, who has chosen to remain anonymous, says that the marshals’ jobs were “to facilitate the counter-protest’s march to and from City Hall Plaza and help work to de-escalate situations and keep participants safe throughout the duration.” The individual adds that the marshals for the counter-protest, who were people from the “Greater Seattle General Defense Committee” along with other local organizations, met with representatives of the Seattle PD before the day’s events got underway.

Still, this counter-protest marshal alleges, when members of the Alt-right hit members of the counter-protest in the face after being prevented from mingling with the protest, police simply ignored it.

This marshal alleges that after she “immediately went to them” and identified herself as a marshal for the counter-protest and asked for the police’s assistance, she was “met with a response” that she characterizes as “If you aren’t letting them march through your crowd, then we can’t stop them from hitting you.”

The counter-protest marshal speaking here doesn’t seem to have gotten the names of those officers who allegedly allowed these alleged assaults to go on, but she says that locals should “start contacting your city council members, mayor, and police chief demanding accountability for allowing these assaults to happen.”

The rally that this woman attended was originally slated to be held in Portland, Oregon, but was moved to Seattle after the Portland Mayor expressed concern about the ability of the rallies to remain non-violent following the recent incident that saw a white supremacist stab three people, killing two.

A local news affiliate says that three people were arrested at a “large fight” that took place in Seattle after the respective Saturday demonstrations had concluded, but the woman who served as a marshal for the counter-protest claims that the real aggressors — the same alt-right violent men who antagonized the counter-protest crowd earlier in the day — were allowed to go free.

Such has certainly characterized the police response to similar incidents, such as one in Jacksonville, Florida, in the past.

Besides the three arrests, Seattle police say that they used pepper spray to disperse the “large fight” that broke out in the city’s Occidental Park.

As mentioned, the opposing demonstrations that took place in Seattle on Saturday coincided with similar demonstrations in cities around the country, and arrests were documented elsewhere.

A video of the post-protest “large fight” scene, captured by a local reporter, is featured below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.