Sean Spicer Tweets Idiotic Ass Kissing Of Trump & The Internet Is Making Him Pay


For many, the ramblings on infrastructure by members of the Trump administration amount to nothing more than Donald Trump and his wealthy followers selling America out to shady rich foreign investors and governments. Therefore, when Trump and his flunkies start talking about their work in the name of infrastructure, attempting to sell bogus propaganda — people immediately call them on it.

One such instance of Trump cronies being called out was Sean Spicer having retweeted a post by Paul Ryan, as if there are people who don’t fully respect and understand the games Trump, Ryan et al are playing with Americans and the world over. Spicer tweeted:

Almost immediately, Spicer’s feet were held to the flames regarding the sentiment that the Trump administration is selling America out:

Others simply wanted to express their general frustration with the level of ignorance on display:

In a country that brands itself as the best in the world but still has such vast gaps in education policy, mistreats Veterans, has those who work but don’t receive a livable wage and millions of people living in poverty, etc., a couple of people served up reminders that airports are important, but are not a priority as the GOP will have people to believe:

President Obama once solicited support for America’s infrastructure and much like everything to do with him, the GOP did everything possible to create barriers, as reminded by the tweets below:

There almost always has to be an allusion to Russia:

Spicer’s post is just another reminder that Trump and all those close to him simply need to stay off Twitter!

Featured Image via Getty/Win McNamee/Staff