Megyn Kelly Makes Alex Jones Squirm After Pressing Him On Sandy Hook (VIDEO)


For years Megyn Kelly was part of the very media machine that has arguably been most instrumental in dividing America over the years. Kelly pushed and enabled race baiting, cultural insensitivity, and grossly false narratives around matters of skin color and socioeconomic status, views that are generally maintained by Fox News.

Now, in an attempt to re-brand herself, Kelly has moved to NBC, taking a role on Today, as well as having a show of her own. However, even that move has come with controversy for Kelly, as rumours have swirled that NBC booted viewer favourite, Tamron Hall, for Kelly, thus forcing Hall to resign.

Further confusing Kelly’s role at NBC is the fact that her first interview was with Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Many felt that along with giving one of the world’s most hated leaders a platform, Kelly allowed herself to be totally embarrassed by Putin. Now, Kelly is once again circling back to someone with whom her former network has a lot in common.

Next week Kelly’s interview with conspiracy theorist and InfoWars front-person, Alex Jones, will air.

Similar to the reaction her Putin interview stirred, people are livid that Kelly is giving someone who so many see as vile and disgusting, a platform. However, standing by Kelly, NBC is billing the interview as a “must watch” and advertising it as if Kelly takes a tough stance with Jones despite his hateful remarks about the lives lost at Sandy Hook.

The preview shows Kelly asking Jones about the many unproven conspiracies he has alleged about everything from 9/11 to Sandy Hook being fake. Kelly says:

‘When you say parents faked their children’s death, people get very angry.’

Instead of replying to Kelly’s statement, Jones tries to change the subject and begin talking about “evil wars” portrayed by the media. Kelly is then shown snapping at Kelly.

She quips:

‘That’s a dodge. That doesn’t excuse what you did and said about Newtown. You know it.’

Despite NBC’s attempts to support Kelly through re-branding herself, people don’t seem to be pleased with NBC or Kelly as evidenced by the tweets below:

Kelly seems to be proving that you can take the alt-right anchor from Fox News, but you can’t take the alt-right out of the anchor. The preview for Kelly’s interview with Jones, is below:

Featured Image screengrab via NBC.