Trump Screams About James Comey In Crazy Pre-Dawn Sunday Twitter Tantrum


In an early Sunday morning tweet, President Trump baselessly alleged that now-fired FBI Director James Comey did something wrong in leaking details of his conversations with the president to the media.

Comey revealed in testimony to the Senate Intel Committee last Thursday that he’s the one behind the recent media reports about Trump’s allegedly-private conversations with Comey asking for loyalty and for him to end the ongoing investigation into Trump associate Michael Flynn.

The latter incident represents what is easily construable as an obstruction of justice, with many taking the incident as a catalyst for calls to impeach President Trump. Similar circumstances pre-dated Richard Nixon’s impeachment proceedings and eventual resignation.

Trump’s Sunday Twitter rant on the subject reads, “I believe the James Comey leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. Totally illegal? Very ‘cowardly!'”

First of all, why can’t Trump write on Twitter like a normal person instead of putting quotes around random words? In the past when he’s used quotes he’s come back to say that he didn’t really mean whatever was in quotes. Is he going to do the same in this instance?

Second of all, there is a flaw in Trump’s logic here — although it’s been exposed before. Trump has asserted, most recently at a Friday press conference, that he neither asked for loyalty from Comey or attempted to pressure him to end the Flynn investigation.

If it’s true, and Comey really did lie under oath about all of that as the President suggests, then what does Trump have to worry about? He can’t dismiss the allegations against him and not dismiss them — he needs to choose a side.

Had Trump really been competent enough to think that far, perhaps he would have never fired Comey in a belligerent attempt to get the Russia investigation stopped in the first place. That motivation for firing Comey right there — which Trump has admitted to — is itself obstruction of justice, outside of any comments about Flynn back in February.

As always, Twitter let the President have it for his baseless stupidity, and you can check out some of the best comments below.

As the next comment points out, Trump himself has leaked classified info in the past.

Featured Image via Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images