Elizabeth Warren Schools Folks On How It Looks To Truly Stand With The LGBT


Some Washington lawmakers like Paul Ryan (R-WI), have a disgusting habit of acting sympathetic towards marginalised groups of people. For them, their concern is limited to photo opportunities and catchy phrases during speeches. Their privileged lifestyles and backgrounds don’t allow them to be truly empathetic to the plight of those whose daily lives often involve overcoming odds; many of which are systemically imposed by people like Ryan and his GOP buddies.

However, every once and a while a D.C. legislator will set him/herself apart from others and prove that he/she really gets it. Such seems to be the case with Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Although Warren has set herself apart from her colleagues in many ways, one of her most recent and notable displays came when she tore Betsy DeVos to shreds during her confirmation hearing.

Now, Warren is again in the news. This time she isn’t exposing a member of the Trump clan as a fraud, but is instead making headlines for partying and simultaneously sincerely standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. Warren posted the tweet below Sunday morning:

Her genuine smile and dance-like-no-one-is-watching, spirit, drew the attention of many who are looking for the kind of political embrace that Warren’s heartfelt presence at Boston’s Pride festival, appears to have provided. Those who took note of Warren’s participation in the Pride fun, shared their thoughts via Twitter:

As usual there were those who had negative comments, but one person was quick to let them know she was having no part in the bashing of Warren:

Although, not even a full six months into Trump’s time in office, one person is already looking ahead to 2020 and making it very clear that he/she would like to see Warren run:

One person took time to acknowledge how much of a difference it makes when a politician is sincere in what he/she says and does:

Although it’s highly doubtful that Trump, Pence, Ryan, and McConnell were paying attention to Warren or supporting their local LGBTQ+ communities in any way, it’s still quite refreshing to know that there are politicians like Elizabeth Warren modelling what equality and inclusion really looks like.

Featured Image via Getty/Darren McCollester/Stringer