Ivanka Humiliates Herself Live On Monday Morning TV & It Is Hilarious (VIDEO)


Donald Trump’s adult children seem to love the spotlight, appearing on any TV news program that will cater to them with softball questions and plenty of room to repeat their father’s lies without challenge.

Donald Jr. appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show on Sunday to completely contradict his father’s obstruction of justice defense. Eric Trump also appeared on Hannity’s show last week to say that Democrats who criticize his father should not be considered human beings. On Monday, Ivanka followed up those appearances with one of her own on the Fox News morning show, Fox & Friends, to whine about how unexpectedly “vicious” politics are.

‘There is a level of viciousness that I was not expecting…I think some of the distractions and some of the ferocity was, I was a little blindsided by at a personal level.’

One has to wonder where on earth Ivanka has been for the past several years.


During President Obama’s entire tenure in the White House, Ivanka’s father built a political presence by traveling the country and telling racist supporters that the first black president was a scary Muslim who was born in scary Africa and not eligible for the presidency. An entire “birther movement” was formed around Ivanka’s father’ viciousness in going after votes from the United States’ worst deplorables.

During the 2016 presidential campaigns, Ivanka’s father rather viciously attacked each of his political opponents, as well as anyone else who challenged him, in unprecedented ways, building momentum by riling up his voting base hungry for the attacks. Carly Fiorina’s face was too ugly to be president. Ted Cruz cheated on his wife and Cruz’s father may have been involved in the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Megyn Kelly was a hysterical shrew with PMS and “blood coming out of her wherever.” Former Miss Universe winner Alicia Muchado, who spoke out against Trump’s racism,┬áhad her name smeared as Trump tweeted about a “sex tape” that turned out to be false.

At no point, however, was anyone in D.C. more vicious than Trump when he trotted out women who claimed to have been raped or sexually harassed by Hillary Clinton’s husband at a presidential debate in which Trump insisted that if he were president, Hillary would be in jail.

Now Ivanka is surprised by the “vicious” nature of Washington D.C.? That’s rather rich.

For the full segment, see video below:

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