Melania Finally Announces She’s Moving To W.H. – Twitter Goes Crazy On Her


We’ve criticized First Lady Melania Trump since the very beginning when we found out she would be staying in New York City for the first part of President Donald Trump’s presidential tenure. After all, it was a major burden on taxpayers, law enforcement, and the citizens of NYC. Not to mention, it made us wonder if she even wanted to be a part of running the country. Liberals don’t want Trump as president; however, Melania’s choice to stay in NYC makes us wonder if she has confidence in her own husband.

Her move comes at a time of great scandal for the Trump administration. So, is it just a ploy to distract the attention of Americans and convince them they are a wholesome family unit? Maybe. Is she possibly even doing it on her own volition? She’s notoriously private and even more known for being a major Mama Bear when it comes to her son Barron.

Whatever the case, she tweeted she was looking forward to moving into the White House on Sunday.

‘Looking forward to the memories we’ll make in our new home! #Movingday’

Of course Twitter responded, and it wasn’t kind. Really, should it be? Now, she chooses to move into the White House when a distraction is sorely needed for the Trump administration. Not to mention, her insistence on staying in NYC cost the taxpayers an exorbitant amount of money — immediately after her husband promised to cut wasteful spending.

Here are some of Twitter’s best responses.

‘The first soft porn star to live there. So touching.’

‘Wait, did I miss those photos of Clinton and Kennedy? Nope. Porn stars are recorded. Like Melanoma was.’

‘I like that you got a picture of the biggest phallus in DC to make up for “Tiny Donny” in your husband’s pants.’

‘Don’t get too comfortable.’

‘She already is (a memorable person) but not for the reasons you might expect. 1 Not moving into the WH until 5 months after becoming FLOTUS 2 Nude pictures’

‘Don’t know how she can stand for that when her husband is the biggest bully of all. Making America Racist (Again.) Still’


‘She’ll detest it every day until school starts this fall and she scampers back to NYC and into the pocketbook of the taxpayers’

‘Better act quickly you won’t be there long’

‘Hopefully he’ll get impeached [sic] & youll all have to leave! Than they have to scrub the WH clean & let a real, competent, President take over!’

Featured Image by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images.