NBC In Hot Water Over Alex Jones Interview – JP Morgan Chase Says F*ck You!


He calls the Sandy Hook school shooting fake and says the parents are merely seeking attention. He espouses the kind of bitter bigotry that continues to divide America. He is regarded as one of the world’s biggest conspiracy theorist. He is Alex Jones and is reportedly counted among those in Donald Trump’s intimate circle.

Alex Jones is also despised and regarded as vile, disgusting, and the lowest of scum, by many. For theses reasons, when NBC and Megyn Kelly began advertising that Kelly would be interviewing Jones, people were not pleased.

Despite the backlash that the network and Kelly received, she has continued to stand by her decision to give Jones a platform. She even went as far as tweeting:

Now, not even Kelly’s tweets and attempts to defend the indefensible, can save her or NBC from the negative consequences of their decision to interview Alex Jones. Because money talks, J.P. Morgan Chase announced that they will be pulling their ads from Kelly’s show. Taking their protest a step further, Kristin Lemkau, J.P. Morgan’s Chief Marketing Officer, tweeted:

Because people were already livid with Kelly and NBC, J.P. Morgan’s announcement was much welcomed, as can be gleaned from the tweets below:

Humor is always good, but the message remains the same:

Often as an unintended positive consequence of taking a stand, the entity making a positive statement gets a return on their investment. Or, in the case of J.P. Morgan Chase, they get a return on pulling their investment:

One person suggested that the company take their message a few steps further:

A couple of people reminded that Megyn Kelly may have changed networks, but for years she was a bird of the same feather as Alex Jones:

First Putin, now Alex Jones – it looks like Megyn Kelly’s attempts to rebrand herself as something other than the Fox News employee that some say she will always be at heart, aren’t going so well for her.

Featured Image screengrab via YouTube.