‘PolitiFact’ Compares Number Of Golf Outings By Trump & Obama; Results Will Blow You Away


President Trump’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, especially when it comes to golf. Despite the fact that he criticized President Obama repeatedly for going golfing during his two terms in office, Trump is currently on track to play 387 rounds in the next eight years, assuming he wins re-election and completes both terms.

On Monday, PolitiFact updated a report that was published in April to reflect the number of times President Trump has played golf since taking office in January. As of June 12, according to PolitiFact, Trump has hit the course 17 times. By June 12 of his first year in office, President Obama had played golf five times. That’s right; so far, Trump has golfed more than three times as much as Obama did.

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Image is a screenshot from PolitiFact.

In fact, the number could possibly be higher since PolitiFact only tracked instances when news reporters “were able to confirm, through spokespeople or photographic evidence, that Trump or Obama played golf.” However, Golf News Net has been conducting its own count of how many times Trump has visited the golf course (and presumably played golf), and their most recent count shows 24 games played.

Whether the number is 24 or 17, the point is that Trump has played an inordinate amount of golf since he took office, despite saying in August of last year that, if elected, he wasn’t “going to have time to go play golf.”

Trump also hasn’t shown any signs of cutting back on his golf games, despite the significant amount of criticism he has received for his blatant hypocrisy.

According to White House press secretary Sean Spicer, Trump’s golf is different from Obama’s because he is using it to foster relationships with other leaders. When questioned further about why nothing seems to have actually been accomplished during these strategic outings, Spicer simply said that “the president’s…entitled to a bit of privacy.”

Spicer made those comments in March. Who knows how he’s going to explain away the number of golf games that Trump has played since then?

Check out some of Trump’s tweets attacking Obama for playing golf below.

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