Sean Spicer Tweets Tuesday Message To America & Gets Roasted So Hard It Actually Hurt


Along with being a shady real estate investor, prior to his current position Donald Trump also added to his fortune with his reality television show on NBC called, The Apprentice. Often showcasing just how crass and arrogant Donald Trump can be, the show in no way lent itself to contributing to the skills and training he needs to lead the United States.

However, as further evidence of just how highly Trump thinks of himself, he is leaning on the show as part of a blitz to get people to buy-in to his jobs program. As always, falling in line with Trump’s agenda, no matter how little sense it makes, Sean Spicer was all too willing to play puppet to Trump.

Spicer tweeted:

Per the usual, people let Spicer have it:

One clever person reminder that Donald Trump isn’t the mastermind his administration is making him out to be, and trade professions have been doing apprenticeships long before Trump tried to brand the idea as his original idea:

One person pointed out how little Trump has accomplished since taking office:

A few people feel Trump’s plan amounts to nothing more than free labor for the government:

Two of the more important responses are reminders that the United States isn’t a reality television show; it’s real life:

It’s a shame that Trump and all those around him are so caught up in their own worlds that they have no clue what people in the real world need and go through.

Featured Image via Getty/NurPhoto/Contributor