Stephen King Enters Tweet War With Ivanka Trump For Whining & The Internet Instantly Erupted


Ivanka Trump did an interview on Fox and Friends early on Monday, during which she complained about the “level of viciousness” she has found there to be in Washington. She also said that the “intensity of the experience” wasn’t something that she had anticipated, clearly referring to the amount of resistance her father has been receiving since taking over as the president.

Author Stephen King had the ultimate response to Ivanka’s complaints.

King definitely spoke the ultimate truth. Trump has done nothin but bully people. Remember when Obama was president and Donald Trump accused him of being born outside of the United sates, and called him an illegitimate president?

You really have to wonder if Ivanka just didn’t listen to anything her father said during the presidential campaign. Trump was the one who demanded that Hilary Clinton be locked up during his rallies. Trump was the one who repeatedly caused the crowds to go violent at his rallies by yelling “get him out of here” when people protested, as well as offered to pay for the legal fees of people who were accused of assaulting said protesters. That is on the tip of the iceberg on thing that President Trump has done to further the “viciousness” as Ivanka put it.

When we were children most of us learned to treat people how we want to be treated, and Trump is getting exactly what he gives.

Twitter, of course, loved and agreed with King’s response to Ivanka’s interview.

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