Trump Attacks & Makes Up Blatant Lie About Hillary Clinton During Unhinged Public Meltdown


It becomes more and more clear daily that President Donald Trump truly thinks the whole world is out to get him. Trump was up and on twitter bright and early this morning, as he usually is, this time complaining about Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

This miniature rant about the Attorney General comes after former FBI director James Comey said during his testimony that Lynch had asked him to refer to his investigation into Hilary Clinton’s emails as a “matter” rather than an investigation. Comey stated that the request made him question the Department of Justice’s credibility, and made him feel “queasy.”

As twitter was quick to point out, the fact that Donald Trump is complaining about people doing things illegally to further their political agenda is rich. President Trump is one of the sketchiest politicians, constantly making people question his credibility, just the same as Comey questioned Lynch’s. His administration as a whole is not any better.

Many twitter users also pointed out that it has been 7 months since the election, and suggested that perhaps the president needs to get over this whole Hilary Clinton thing. You won the presidency Donald! Leave her be.

Many people also believe that President Trump is scared about the upcoming testimony of Jeff Sessions and is trying to deflect peoples attention elsewhere, because he is scared.

Of course some of the replies to Trump’s tweets were purely just funny.


Featured Image via Getty Images