Trump Just Blocked Stephen King On Twitter; King’s Boss Response Is Breaking The Internet


The way Donald Trump acts on twitter is easily comparable to that of a moody teenager, with his incessant ranting and calling people out. Now we can add ‘blocking those who say something I don’t like’ to this list of Trump’s twitter faux pas.

On Tuesday the president logged on to twitter, as he does daily, and blocked best-selling author Stephen King.

King has never been silent about his honest thoughts and views about Trump and his administration, which is most likely what prompted good old Donald to hit the block button. Last month King stated that Trump being in control of the U.S Nuclear Arsenal was worse than any horror story he has ever written

Twitter got quite the kick out of the president of the United States blocking a novelist on twitter, because really, it seems a little petty.

Many appeared welcoming King to the club of those blocked on twitter by President Donald Trump.

While King may not be able to enjoy the deranged ranting of the man in charge, J.K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, offered to do King a solid and send Trump’s tweets to him directly.

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