JUST IN: Police Respond To Another Shooting In Middle Of Busy Metropolis


Violence and chaos have broke out across the country Wednesday, after shootings in New York, California, and Washington, D.C. have injured several innocent Americans.

This afternoon, yet another shooting occurred, this time outside of the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. According to reports, multiple gunshots were fired after two men got into an argument Wednesday afternoon at the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic avenues. A bystander was shot in the ankle, but remains in stable condition, according to the New York Post. Police are still looking for the men who got into the argument.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tweeted: “Gunshots just now outside Barclay’s Center. People ran. Police just arriving. Unclear if anyone was hit. Everyone I talked to is Ok”

In a subsequent tweet, Hayes added: “Per @AdrianChen who was also there and talked to an eye-witness it *appears* to be an argument that escalated.”

Angel Zayas, a photojournalist for The Guardian, the New York Times, the New York Post, and the Wall Street Journal tweeted: “Brooklyn shooting near Barclays by Victoria secret male shot in the leg “not likely” perp on foot. Police searching. #nypd #shooting”

This story is breaking and details will be updated as they become available.

Early Wednesday morning, a shooter opened fire at a GOP congressional baseball practice, shooting House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise — who was rushed to a nearby hospital — along with several other members of Congress.

Several shootings have been reported since, including one at a UPS Store near 17th Street and Potrero Avenue in San Francisco. According to reports from NBC News:

‘Police activity was reported near 17th Street and Potrero Avenue, according to a tweet from the San Francisco Police Department at 9:06 a.m.’

Police believe the perpetrator may have been an employee, as he was wearing a UPS Store uniform, however that’s yet to be confirmed.

UPS Store spokesperson Steve Gaut told NBC:

‘We cannot provide information as to the identity of persons involved at this time, pending the police investigation. The company is saddened and deeply concerned about affected employees, family members and the community we share. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those touched by this incident.’

According to Assistant Police Chief Toney Chaplin, the shooting is not related to terrorism and the perpetrator “saw police and turned the gun on himself.”

Featured Image is a screengrab via YouTube.

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