GOP Senator Reveals What’s Actually In Senate GOP Health Bill & It’s Just Awful


Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and Republican Senator from Utah, Orrin Hatch, has spoken out about what’s actually in the Senate GOP healthcare bill, and it isn’t pretty.

Hatch, as Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, ought to have some inkling of what the Senate is apparently gearing up to pass before July 4, which is in less than one month.

However, he apparently doesn’t.

Bloomberg reporter Sahil Kapur wrote on Twitter: “Reporter asks what’s in Senate health bill, saying public doesn’t know. “Well join the crowd. I’m in the same category,” says Orrin Hatch.”

In other words, it’s not just the public that’s being kept in the dark as to the details of what it is that Senate Republicans are preparing to pass; it’s everyone.

There’s not even the option to have the details hashed out when it comes up for a vote. The bill will almost certainly pass no matter what’s in it because, due to a procedural move invoked by Republican leadership, it only needs 51 votes to pass.

The details of the bill are currently being worked out in closed door sessions of top Senate Republican leadership, a group which, apparently, doesn’t include Hatch. The Senate got handed the bill earlier this year by the House of Representatives.

The bill is slated to be voted on as a “reconciliation measure,” adding it onto the already hashed out budget proposals from this Congressional session. It’s this that allows the bill to only need 51 votes to pass and not 60.

The House notoriously sped the bill through without waiting on a “score” from the Congressional Budget Office, but one has come out since the bill was passed by the House.

According to the latest CBO report, some 23 million Americans will be uninsured come 2026 who would be insured under the current law. 14 million people will find themselves uninsured in just the first 12 months after Trumpcare’s passage should the bill become law.

It remains to be seen what tweaks — if any — are decided upon by Senate GOP leadership and how these tweaks affect the number of people who find themselves uninsured under Trumpcare who would have insurance otherwise.

Sure, it would be reasonable to expect Sen. Hatch to be clamoring to know what is in the Senate GOP’s healthcare bill, but he’s not.

Featured Image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images.