Robert Mueller Is On A Money Trail That Has Trump Visibly Shaken (DETAILS)


On Wednesday, Robert Mueller, Special Counsel overseeing Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russian government officials, announced that Trump’s obstruction of justice was also being added to Mueller’s inquiry. As usual, Donald Trump didn’t react maturely to the news and on Thursday morning, he lashed out via Twitter claiming to be the victim of a “witch hunt.”

Trump tweeted:

However, many continue to argue that there is no witch hunt and Trump is no victim; he is merely reaping the corrupt seeds that he has sown. To that end, as a billionaire, some of the seeds he has sown have been by way of his business dealings and that of those closest to him. Some say those seeds have been sown in Russia, inversely, Russian money has landed in the hands of Trump and his American allies.

It has long been known that Paul Manafort received millions from a Putin affiliate. It has been that kind of revelation that has had some people pleading for various U.S. government officials to follow the money.

Perhaps better late than never, it looks like the investigation into team Trump’s connections to Russia just expanded once more and will now include his fiscal ties to the country, as well as those closest to him. The announcement that Mueller’s investigation will include an inquiry into any possible fiscal wrongdoing came as reports surfaced that Trump was being looked into for obstruction of justice.

The premise for the broader net Mueller is casting is quite simple:  If there was in fact any collusion between the then Trump campaign and the Russian government, it would’ve likely come with the exchange of money. Moreover, because of the nature of the crimes the colluding entities were committing, the exchange of funds would’ve been hidden, most likely in offshore banks.

At this time, only Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort have been mentioned by name as having confirmed financial ties to the Russian government. However, as the investigation deepens, one of many legitimate question becomes: What, if any, connection do Donald Trump’s own bank accounts have to any monies that was exchanged?

Featured Image via Getty/The Washington Post/Contributor