Vice President Mike Pence Just Lawyered Up – Trump White House On High Alert


Some of the nation’s most highly respected attorneys and lawmakers have long called for those closest to Donald Trump to retain legal counsel. Their mere affiliation with such a polarizing figure who, so early in his time in office, is already so embroiled in controversy, makes anyone connected to him an easy scapegoat and/or target.

In fact, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), who sits on the Senate Judiciary committee, called Rex Tillerson out on Twitter. Lieu went as far as saying some of Tillerson’s comments were “deeply troubling.” A lawyer himself, Lieu warned that if Tillerson is supporting Trump’s wrongdoing, he should get an attorney.

Lieu tweeted:

Lieu isn’t alone. After Donald Trump subliminally threatened James Comey via Twitter regarding the possibility of there being tapes of their conversations, Georgetown University Law School Professor Robert Luskin also warned about the “risks and norms” of the Trump administration’s current dilemma, and suggested that those around Trump seek legal counsel.

While there has been no word as to whether the likes of Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, and others have hired lawyers, it has been confirmed that Mike Pence has. Pence is said to have retained Richard Cullen of the prestigious McGuireWoods LLP, firm.

A spokesperson for Pence verified Pence’s hiring of Cullen and released a statement that said in part:

‘The Vice President is focused entirely on his duties and promoting the President’s agenda and looks forward to a swift conclusion of this matter.’

The statement also said that Cullen will support Pence “in responding to inquiries by the special counsel.” In terms of how qualified Cullen is to help Pence, it seems that Pence spared no punches; Cullen isn’t new to high-profile federal cases.

Cullen was special counsel to former Sen. Paul Trible (R-VA) during the Iran-Contra investigation, worked for former Rep. Caldwell Butler (R-VA) during the Watergate probe, and was lead counsel to Tom DeLay during the inquiry into his connection to Jack Abramoff. Cullen was also part of George W. Bush’s legal team during the Florida election recount in 2000.

Trump, Pence, and others who have retained legal counsel are said to be paying upwards of $1,500/hour for their high-powered lawyers.

Featured Image via Getty/Bill Clark/Contributor