Alex Jones Leaks Damning Secret Calls Before Megyn Kelly Interview (AUDIO)


It isn’t as if the public weren’t already aware that Alex Jones is a horrible man willing to do just about anything for attention, no matter who may be hurt in the process. Megyn Kelly is finding out today just how very true that is, though.

Ahead of the extremely controversial airing of Jones’ interview with the former Fox News host who’s trying to reinvent herself as a serious journalist (although no one has forgotten white Santa or any of the other insane rhetoric Kelly was willing to tout for her former employers), Jones made good on a threat and drummed up some more attention for himself and his interview by releasing secretly recorded phone calls of his conversations with NBC’s Kelly.

In one of the more jaw-dropping revelations from those phone calls, Megyn Kelly even slammed trailblazing journalist and interviewer Barbara Walters while soothing the disgusting Jones, a man who tortured the parents of slain Sandy Hook children publicly as they mourned the deaths of their babies by calling them liars and telling his listeners that those parents were little more than paid shills working for evil liberals to get their guns taken away.

‘Trust me when I tell you my goal is not to go out there and be like, ‘oh my God if I sit with her she’s gonna kill me.’ Of course, I’m going to do a fair interview. I’m still me. I’m not going to go out there and be Barbara Walters.’

The sane part of the country may be reeling in disgust at the idea of giving a disgusting man like Jones such a huge platform from which to spew his hateful thoughts, but Kelly was willing to wheedle, plead, and excuse Jones’ more incendiary behaviors to get him to come on her show and spread his vicious rhetoric.

‘Just trust me. I will ask you about the controversies. I will be fair about it. I’ll give you the chance to respond and I really just want to talk about you.’

Advertisers are already responding to the move to allow Jones network air time and a massive audience to make excuses and spread more lies by pulling their ad dollars from NBC. After the leaked phone calls between Jones and Kelly, the TV news personality who thought it would be a good career move to allow Jones an opportunity to speak to a mainstream audience may be reconsidering the idea, as well.

For audio recordings of the phone calls, see video below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube