GOP Berates Trump On Twitter For Reversing Obama Era Cuba Policy (TWEETS)


On Friday, President Trump announced a reversal of President Obama’s Cuba policy, and he’s already receiving significant backlash not only from Democrats, but Republicans as well.

Trump’s announced policy plan on Cuba puts a block of travel and commercial restrictions back in place after the post-Cold War measures were removed by the Obama Administration. As mentioned, many observers, including a number of Republicans, are questioning Trump’s reasoning and the necessity behind his move.

As journalists Daniel Dale and Maggie Haberman commented, the modus operandi of the Trump Administration when it comes to issues of foreign policy seems to be to simply undo whatever they can that represents a high point of the Obama administration.

Dale commented on Twitter: ‘TPP, ACA, Paris, Cuba – through five months, Trump’s governing philosophy appears to be “destroy Obama’s legacy items.”‘

For many members of the Republican Party, this relatively shallow and flashy approach to government just isn’t going to cut it for them. These people, including individuals like those Republicans in the Freedom Caucus, are committed to their ideology, as off as that ideology may be.

Heck, it’s the ultra conservative Freedom Caucus that was largely responsible for the American Health Care Act failing the first time that it came up for a vote in the House of Representatives. The bill wasn’t “conservative enough” for them. (Speaker Ryan and GOP leadership was eventually able to garner enough of these ultra conservatives’ support.)

Just because sufficient numbers of Republicans supported the AHCA, it doesn’t mean they’re happy with the belligerent Trump.

Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, who is known for engaging with his constituents, commented on Twitter of Trump’s Cuba policy change: “@POTUS‘s Cuba policy is not about human rights or security. If it were, then why is he dancing with the Saudis and selling them weapons?”

GOP Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota commented: “I hope as we go forward, @POTUS will remember he was elected to challenge the status quo – not to be part of it.”

Other Republicans to comment include Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, who is one of the cosponsors of a Senate bill that would ease all travel restrictions with Cuba.

Flake said:

‘Any policy change that diminishes the ability of Americans to travel freely to Cuba is not in the best interests of the United States or the Cuban people. It is time Senate leadership finally allowed a vote on my bipartisan bill to fully lift these archaic restrictions which do not exist for travel by Americans to any other country in the world.’

Featured Image via Joe Raedle/ Getty Images