JUST IN: Early Voting Numbers In Georgia Election Released; Buckle Up & Hang On Tight


Here’s a piece of what could turn out to be some seriously good news. It’s being reported that turnout in the early voting stage of the special election currently underway in Georgia’s sixth Congressional district is massive.

The numbers have dwarfed the number of people who early voted in the first stage of this election. POLITICO says that more than 140,000 ballots had been cast.

This number stands in stark contrast to the only 57,000 or so voters who cast their ballots early in the election’s first round. In total, about 192,000 voters cast ballots in the election’s first round back in April, and total turnout after next Tuesday, which is election day itself, is expected to surpass total turnout from the first round.

The 140,000 or so voters who cast early ballots in the election’s second round include about 36,000 voters who did not participate in the first round of the election, according to the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

If Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff can manage a win over Republican challenger Karen Handel next Tuesday, it will bode very well for Democratic chances come 2018.



Featured Image via Joe Raedle/ Getty Images