Massive Trump Debts Uncovered By Deutche Bank Investigation; Dirty Connect From Russia


Finally, the Donald Trump financial mystery has begun unraveling. The US Office for Government Ethics dumped nearly 100 pages of his data that showed he violated the US Constitution. It also seems he has wrapped himself firmly in the Russia scandal.

His finances indicated he violated the Constitutions Emoluments Clause by profiting directly from being president. For example, foreign dignitaries have moved meetings from other hotels to the one he owns in D.C. In addition, Trump has accumulated a huge amount of debt to banks in this country, and also in foreign countries.

Officials caught the German Deutsche Bank taking Russian money, laundering it, and then handing it off to clients in New York City, among other places. Not surprisingly, Deutsche Bank loaned Trump massive amounts of long-term loans. After the president’s string of business failure, he became a poor credit risk for banks in this country.

The president’s new financial disclosure form confirmed that he took out four different loans from Deutsche Bank. The bank loaned him three individual loans in 2012. However, even more telling, Trump took out the last loan in 2015 at the beginning of his presidential run. What did that loan finance?

It appears that 45 used the money from his last Deutsche Bank loan to finance the renovation of a major Washington post office into Trump International Hotel. The building became another one of his luxury hotels when it opened in October 2016, shortly before he became president.

The facts show that the German bank laundered gigantic amounts of Russian money. It also made huge loans to Trump. He took out the last loan at nearly the same time as Trump’s presidential campaign hit the road. Then, 45 brought in at least six senior advisers, all with significant Russian government connections.

Of course, at this time there is no proof that Russia traded the laundered money for Trump’s presidency.

However, in following the money, is it possible that loans from a money-laundering bank included a conduit for Russians to pay off Trump? Things are not looking good for the president now that he is under federal investigation.

To download the Trump, Donald J. 2017 Financial Disclosure Report, click on this link.

Featured Image: Getty Images/Alex Wong.