Trump Administration Hit With Painfully Ironic ‘Private Email’ Scandal & It Isn’t Going Away


Anyone who paid any attention to the 2016 election remembers Donald Trump, and those who supported him, constantly attacked Hilary Clinton in regards to her emails. Well, those constant complaints are coming back to haunt Mike Pence, making him look like quite a hypocrite.

Last spring, previous to Donald Trump choosing him to join the Republican presidential ticket, Pence’s AOL account fell subject to a phishing scheme. The now vice president’s contacts received a email that contained false claims that the governor and his wife needed financial help after becoming stranded in the Philippines.

Pence promptly moved to a new AOL account, taking additional security measures, but stopped using the personal account in January after being sworn in as vice-president, according to spokesperson Marc Lotter.

Indiana is now paying a law firm the whopping total of $100,000 for their help dealing with the backlog of requests for public records, most of which are seeking to gain access to emails from Vice-President Mike Pence’s time as governor. The requests include correspondence that was routed through a private AOL account that Pence used to conduct state business.

Eric Holcomb, Pence’s successor as governor, and his administration, have entered a one-year contract as of last month with a law firm in Shelbyville, McNeely Stephenson, in order to handle the high number of requests.

There are more than 50 requests pending, with the vast majority looking for correspondence that Pence had with staff, and various political groups, including emails routed through his private email account.

The fact that Pence had his private emails hacked has led many to start pointing out the hypocrisy he displayed, as he was someone who often attacked Clinton while on the campaign trail alongside Trump.

Spokesperson Lotter has stated that he believes claims of hypocrisy are not fair, based on the fact┬áthat the difference between the secretary of state’s correspondence about material that is sensitive to the nation, and business conducted by a governor through a private address is quite large.

Looking back on President Trump’s twitter, you’ll find no shortage of tweets complaining about Hilary and her emails, but it seems that the president has fallen silent when it is his vice president with the email scandal.

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