Trump’s Pathetic Weekend Plans Leaked By Former Secret Service; He Is Losing Control


Since taking office in January, Donald Trump has spent lots of weekends at various resorts that he owns. Typically choosing his Florida, Mar a Lago property, these getaways come with a hefty price tag for taxpayers, as well as remaining a major source of controversy, given the fact that Trump is in essence funneling money into his own pockets at citizens’ expense while there.

Now, for the first time since being sworn in, Trump has opted to travel to the government-owned rest spot that most commanders-in-chief have chosen for the last seven decades or more. The Trump family and Melania’s parents have gone to Camp David for the weekend.

However, reports have surfaced that Trump isn’t going simply for the rest and peace of mind that people typically find at Camp David. Some are saying that news that he is under investigation, the feeling that the Russia probe is closing in on him, and his inability to handle all of the above, as well as the other pressures of running the country, are too much for Trump.

According to former Secret Service officer and current private sector intelligence investigator, Pesach “Pace” Lattin, Trump is at Camp David in isolation:

For those who may refute this report by saying Trump is simply trying to enjoy a quiet Father’s Day with family, one user pointed out the absurdity of that notion:

Others just seized another opportunity to laugh at Trump’s expense:

A few people pointed out the legitimate concern that should exist if Trump has truly reached a breaking point:

To be clear, the only information that has been confirmed is that the Trump family is at Camp David. The reports of him breaking down, being in isolation, etc., are merely speculation, but if true, add to the concerns many Americans have about Donald Trump’s mental health and ability to run the country.

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