Adviser Says Trump Wants To Resign Amid Obstruction Of Justice Allegations


The Trump administration is crumbling before our eyes, and it’s only a matter of time before he too, will be fired. The method however, eludes us. Trump’s demise could come in many ways, but none would be more satisfying than watching him be tried for treason. Trump could, in cowardice; decide to resign like Nixon.

The president is currently facing an a possible obstruction of justice charge, for an attempt to hinder the FBI investigation into Mike Flynn. Trump later fired director James Comey. In a hearing for the Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey said:

‘General Flynn at that point in time was in legal jeopardy. There was an open FBI criminal investigation of his statements in connection with the Russian contacts, and the contacts themselves, and so that was my assessment at the time. I don’t think it’s for me to say whether the conversation I had with the president was an effort to obstruct. I took it as a very disturbing thing, very concerning, but that’s a conclusion I’m sure the special counsel will work towards to try and understand what the intention was there, and whether that’s an offense.’

Robert Mueller does see a need to investigate the president and Trump has nowhere to run.

Donald has been incredibly petty about the entire Russian hacking investigation. He has openly attacked others and has passed the blame onto Democrats and the media. Facts, however can not be disputed in a tweeting rampage, and Trump is, in fact, being investigated for obstruction of justice. Facts like that can be a difficult burden to bear. According to one of Trump’s advisers, he may be running out of resolve. In an article published by POLITICO reporter Annie Karni wrote:

‘But Trump, too, is cognizant of the comparison to Nixon, according to one adviser. The president, who friends said does not enjoy living in Washington and is strained by the demanding hours of the job, is motivated to carry on because he “doesn’t want to go down in history as a guy who tried and failed,”said the adviser. “He doesn’t want to be the second president in history to resign.”‘

In other words Trump is going down and he knows it. Hopefully Trump will be man about his wrongdoing and take his licks with dignity.

Here is a video of Trump’s contesting Comey’s testimony:

Featured Image via Getty/Alex Wong