Alex Jones Releases Blackmail Video For NBC & Megyn Kelly Before Interview Airs


Alex Jones just threw down the gauntlet, and Megyn Kelly can’t be too happy about it. After her interview with the shock jock was widely rejected and scrutinized due to the disgusting nature in which Jones denied the brutal murders of 20 first graders at Sandy Hook Elementary, NBC is set to air it tonight.

While NBC is only airing 11 minutes of the interview Sunday night, Jones has just come out beforehand, challenging NBC and Kelly to release the unedited version of the interview that is much longer. Jones took to Twitter to call into question Kelly’s journalistic integrity, and basically tells her to prove it to the nation.

Jones says he has recordings of the uncut interview and will release it if Kelly doesn’t. Jones finished the video by saying:

“Either way I win because I stand for truth, justice, and the American way.”

You just can’t argue with crazy.

Twitter went crazy with this wild turn of events. Check out the amazing responses in the comments section of this thread.